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Client Testimonials for Anthony J. Lochiatto

The Law Office of Anthony J. Lochiatto is proud of the work we do on behalf of our clients and their families.  Here is some of what our clients are saying about our legal expertise and caliber of work.


Personal Injury Testimonials

Renato, Cape Cod, MA

I was severely injured and lost some of my fingers when a modular home fell on me.  My case was referred to Attorney Anthony Lochiatto by my local attorney when the Defendant denied responsibility and the insurance company denied coverage.  Anthony filed a lawsuit against the responsible parties and fought a separate case against the insurance company.  He thoroughly investigated my case and retained an impressive expert.  He traveled to Pennsylvania to obtain some important evidence.  He represented me at my deposition and protected me from unfair questioning.  He fought very hard and kept me informed.  In the end he was able to get me a very satisfactory settlement that made a difference in my life.


Greg, Middlesex County, MA

I was injured when another driver struck me from behind. I was very unhappy about the way the insurance company treated me at first. I was also under a great deal of stress because I was unable to work to support my family. Anthony was always available to take my calls and helped to reduce the stress in my life. He assessed the strengths of my case and accurately advised me about what to expect. He filed a lawsuit and after the discovery process he threatened action against the insurance company when they refused to settle for a reasonable amount. Anthony understood the nature of my injury and what I was going through. We eventually obtained a satisfactory settlement that exceeded my expectations.


Kristina, Boston, MA

I was seriously injured by the carelessness of someone in a watercraft accident. The person who caused my injuries ignored the situation at first. Anthony evaluated my case and explained all of my options to me. He understood what I was going through. He sued the responsible party and conducted discovery. Anthony protected me from unfair questioning at my deposition. Anthony and Ross worked together on my case and I eventually received a very satisfactory settlement. Anthony provided me highly skilled legal representation in a caring and understanding way.


Criminal Defense Testimonials

April, Essex County, MA

I am a mother of two and I was charged with serious offenses, one of which required a minimum period of incarceration. Despite the fact that I had no record and my children would have suffered if I had gone to jail, the District Attorney’s office wanted me to serve jail time and they could not be persuaded even after Anthony provided them compelling documentation. Since reasoning and skilled negotiating by Anthony did not work, Anthony fought hard for me in Court and we eventually went to trial. Anthony was always prepared and it was obvious that he was skilled at defending me. After a three day jury trial, when Anthony prevailed on an important ruling, the District Attorney’s office finally agreed to reduce my charge and I did not have to serve jail time. This was of critical importance to me. Anthony not only provided me outstanding legal representation, but he also provided me the emotional support and caring that got me through one of the most difficult times in my life.


Serious cases, serious representation

When you need legal counsel for a serious personal injury, auto accident, wrongful death or DUI/DWI or other criminal matter in Massachusetts, reach out to the law office of Anthony J. Lochiatto in Boston. Our legal team provides more than 20 years of experience in handling serious cases with serious representation. Call us today at 617.517.0992 or contact us online. We look forward to discussing your case with you in English, Brazilian Portuguese, or Spanish.



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